I provide various types of daily activities as part of the play-based learning program to encourage successful cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, fine motor skill and gross motor skill development.  


Some of our activities include:

  • Arts, Crafts and Age Appropriate Science Projects

  • Music and Creative Movement / Personal Interpretation

  • Puzzles, Games and Co-operative Play

  • Story Time, Rhymes, Finger Plays ect.

  • Building Blocks and Manipulative Toys

  • Dramatic Play

  • Calendar, Weather, Colours, Numbers, Shapes, etc.

  • Free play, Indoor play and Outdoor play

Below is an example of our daily schedule and activities providing a better idea of how your child’s day takes place at the facility.


Example of Daily Schedule

Times May Vary – Themes TBD

  7:00  Arrival / Sign In / Independent Free Play

  7:30  Wash and Breakfast 

  8:00  Organized Centre Play / Colour, Paint, Play-dough etc.               Possible crafts, science projects

  9:00  Tidy Up Areas

  9:15  Wash and Snack

  9:30  Outside Free Play / Climbing Centre, Bubbles, Games,                 Sidewalk chalk, Balls, Sandbox / Gardening                                   Project(s) / Nature Walks

11:15  Clean up / Wash up for lunch

11:30  Lunch

12:00  Clean up after lunch and pre-nap routine(s)

12:30  Naps / Quiet time for all

  2:15  Wake up / Free Play

  2:45  Wash and Snack

  3:15  Outside Free Play OR Circle Time / Story Time / Music /             Creative Movement

  4:30  Departure / Sign Out

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