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I provide various types of daily activities as part of the play-based learning program to encourage successful cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, fine motor skill and gross motor skill development with monthly themes communicated through our Newsletters.  


Some of our activities include:

  • Arts, Crafts and Age Appropriate Science Projects

  • Music and Creative Movement / Personal Interpretation

  • Puzzles, Games and Co-operative Play

  • Story Time, Rhymes, Finger Plays ect.

  • Building Blocks and Manipulative Toys

  • Dramatic Play

  • Calendar, Weather, Colours, Numbers, Shapes, etc.

  • Free play, Indoor play and Outdoor play

Below is an example of our daily schedule and activities providing a better idea of how your child’s day takes place at the facility.


Example of Daily Schedule

Times May Vary – Monthly Themes Change

  8:00 Arrivals begin / Independent Free Play

  8:30  Organized Centre Play / Colour, Paint, Play-dough etc.               Possible crafts, science projects

  9:00  Tidy Up Areas

  9:15  Wash and Snack

  9:30  Outside Free Play / Gardening Project(s) / Nature Walks  

11:00  Circle Time

11:15  Clean up / Wash up for lunch

11:30  Lunch

11:50  Clean up after lunch and pre-nap routine(s)

12:00  Naps / Quiet time for all

  2:00  Wake up / Free Play

  2:30  Wash and Snack

  3:15  Outside Free Play OR Circle Time / Story Time / Music /             Creative Movement / Departures Begin

  4:30 Closure

Give us a call:

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